Saturday, November 14, 2009


Does your card look like you designed it in Microsoft Word? Maybe your using a graphic from clip art that someone else could be using as well...

As a business networking professional, I recognize the business card as the most affordable way to make yourself stand out. Potential clients that meet me in this setting tell me, "Oh I remember your card and I still have it." That is a huge compliment to receive from someone you may have only met once. Odds are that they are holding on to it.

I can't tell you how many cards I see that use an image for their logo, example the world. That file can only get so big before it loses resolution, like a digital photo. You will have trouble making a banner or sign. How many cards you have seen with a picture of the world on it. I want to help those people get something original! See logos

Full color Rounded Business Cards create a dramatic first impression to set you apart from the crowd. Look fresh with this new style of business card. It's easy to make a change and this is the place to start. Together we can change your look and give it added value.

Choose UV or Matte coating. UV coating gives you high gloss and durability while Matte gives you a flat satin finish that you can still write on with the new fine sharpie!